How Much Does Joey Chestnut Make?

Try to think about getting millions of dollars for eating. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. Joey Chestnut made this happen in reality. It can be a fantasy for you. But Joey Chestnut did this wonder. He is the champion of the 11-time Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Moreover, he first participated in the food completion in 2005. In this article, we tell you how much does Joey Chestnut makes.

Additionally, he was a student at that time at San Jose State University. Besides, he became popular for his major victory by eating six and a half pounds of fried asparagus in just 11.5 minutes. In the same year, he qualified for the first Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. He ate 32 hot dogs in that competition. Also, there are some other celebrities like Joey Bosa who have made huge successes in their fields.

How Much Does Joey Chestnut Make
Joey Chestnut

Starting of Eating Competitions

Furthermore, Joey Chestnut left his full-time job in construction management. The reason was that he became so much popular in the eating circuit. Therefore, he preferred to focus on the training for eating competition. In 2011, he won his first straight Mustard Belt in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

He has been succeeded in maintaining his status from 2011 till now. He has now become the best competitive leader of all time in the whole world. Further, he owns 49 records in various food competitions. Major League Eating recognizes all these records. Some of the most amazing eating records of Joey Chestnut are as follows:

  • One hundred and forty-four hardboiled eggs in eight minutes.
  • One hundred and twenty-one Twinkies in six minutes
  • Seventy-four hot dogs in ten minutes in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

So indeed, his ability to eat too much food has given him a bank account and a full stomach to match.

The Total Net Worth: How Much Does Joey Chestnut Make?

The life of a competitive eater cannot be glamorous all the time, but it can pay off well in terms of money. The net worth of Joey Chestnut is $1.5 billion in 2020, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest usually pays its winners a whopping amount of $10,000 every year. Besides, he has succeeded in winning this whopping amount of $10,000 thirteen times. That’s really wonderful.

This site also shows that the top competitive eaters can make $500,000 in a year easily. They can make huge money in various sponsorships and winnings.

The Career Earnings of Joey Chestnut

In 2014, Joey Chestnut earned $230,000 in the eating competitions. His 12 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest winnings have given him a total of $120,000. Moreover, according to EatFeats, he has earned $600,000 in his career of eating competitions since 2005. But this amount does not include the different sponsorship deals.

He won five eating competitions in 2019. So he has won the winning prize in all the five competitions. Besides, the total winning prize from all the five eating competitions is $26,500. These five competitions include games of croquet, hot dogs, canteen sandwiches, mutton sandwiches, and pepperoni rolls.

The Endorsements of Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut has multiple endorsements from different companies. He has most of the endorsements from the food competitions. He has made different social media posts endorsing Hostess, Pepto-Bismol, Hooters, and Coney Island IPA. Further, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is sponsored by Pepto-Bismol, Coca-Cola, Heinz, Old Navy, and Netflix.

The Business Ventures of Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut has launched his first company featuring multiple condiments. Besides, he has selected the product line including Boardwalk Coney Sauce, Chestnut’s Firecrackers Mustard, and Deli-Style Mustard. The prices of these eatables range from $5.00 to $6.50. In addition, the profit from these eatables is increasing day by day. Moreover, this profit leads up to the 2018 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which benefitted the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s program and Hidden Heroes for helping the wounded warriors.

The Social Media Influence of Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut does not use social media that much. But he uses it for promoting appearances at different restaurants or specific food products. Moreover, there are 26.6K followers on his Twitter account. Besides, there are 13.9K followers on his Instagram account. You will find most of his food pictures in that account. Also, he has 16K followers on his Facebook account.

Amazing Record of Eating Hot Dogs in 2019

Joey Chestnut has made a record of eating 71 hot dogs and buns in just ten minutes in 2019. Besides, his total was 21 more than the runner-up. Darron Breeden ate only 50 hot dogs and buns. Moreover, the heat-affected Joey Chestnut’s performance in a positive way.

How Much Does Joey Chestnut Make
Winning Moment of Joey Chestnut

Few Eating Records of Joey Chestnut

Eating 390 shrimp wontons in eight minutes, eating 141 hardboiled eggs in eight minutes, eating 257 Hostess donuts in six minutes, and eating 165 pierogi in eight minutes are some of the amazing world records of Joey Chestnut. Moreover, he has eaten his way into fortune and popularity.

Furthermore, he defended his title at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island on ESPN last year. He broke his record of eating 75 hot dogs in just ten minutes. This winning title has given him huge money. That is almost 16 pounds. So it is equal to 42 billiard balls.

Joey Chestnut Has Earned Millions of Dollars

Joey Chestnut’s net worth is $2 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. It is an impressive feat for the competitive eater. Moreover, it has now become a niche and novelty. Bucks do not come so easily in this niche. If we talk about Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, it hosts the most popular eating competition in the whole world. The Main League Eating website exhibits that the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest popular finals are our monsters, our Super Bowl, and our World Cup.

Furthermore, this prestigious eating competition gives a whopping amount of $10,000 to its winners. It is less than the 50 cents per calorie for the 21,750 calories a man consumed in 2020, known as Jaws. Besides, the complete purse of the event is just $40,000. It has spread across ten combined lacing competitors in the women’s and men’s divisions. Miki Sudo, the world’s champion last year, set a world record of eating 48.5 hot dogs by breaking the seventh straight title. It was Joey Chestnut’s 13th victory.

Joey Chestnut’s Quitting His Job

Joey Chestnut was a student at San Jose University. He became a competitor of food competitions in 2005 at that time. Further, he won his first title in 2005 by eating six and a half pound asparagus in just eleven and a half minutes. Moreover, he qualified for the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest by socking up 32 hot dogs in 2005.

Additionally, Joey Chestnut was not able to quit his job in construction management. But it is usually hard for the eaters to earn a livelihood. So he competed full time for six more years in 2011. Joey Chestnut rose to stardom by defeating the great Takeru Kobayashi in 2011. Additionally, he has become the most popular celebrity in this sport by getting incredible success. After three years in 2014, he won $230,000 as per USA Today.

Joey Chestnut’s Source of Earning

The New York Post reported in 2019 that there are 3,500 eating competitions in the United States. The average purse ranges from $1,000 to $8,500. It means that competition is the only way to make huge money and win all year along. So Joey Chestnut did the same. Indeed, he has earned $600,000 between the start of his professional career through 2019. Besides, he won the whopping amount of $130,000 in his 13th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

But Joey Chestnut is the greatest competitive eater of all times. Moreover, no other has come closer to him to match his popularity. Hence, he has got opportunities that his colleagues do not have.

How Much Does Joey Chestnut Make
Joey Chestnut-The Best Food Competitive

The Business Initiatives Taken By Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut has launched his line of condiments. Although, it is not clear that whether it is profitable for him or not. Moreover, he gets $5,000 to $10,000 in appearance and speaking fees. Besides, according to the news, he has some endorsements with Hostess, Hooters, Pepto-Bismol, and Coney island IPA.

Wrapping It Up How Much Does Joey Chestnut Make?

If you are a foody person, you might know about Joey Chestnut. He is a world-famous eating competitive who has once again won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2021. It is his 14th time ranking as the world champion in the hot dog competition in the last fifteen years. He has managed to eat 26 more hot dogs compared to his competitor, Geoffrey Esper. Besides, in this article, we have explained how much does Joey Chestnut makes. He has a net worth of $2 million.

Moreover, he earns $500,000 from various eating competitions, businesses, and sponsorships. He has launched his line of condiments as well. In short, he is truly an inspiration for all of his foody fans.

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