UK Sports Betting Companies Excited For EURO 2020

UK Sports Betting Companies

The wait for EURO 2020 is now over. The long-awaited event is going to kick off on 11th July 2021. After being put on hold for such a long time due to the restriction caused by Covid-19, the UEFA, and football fans in Europe and all over the world are getting ready to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the popular event.

It is not the UEFA and fans that are excited about the competition, but the bookies are also eager for the vent to begin. Bookmakers are ready with exciting promos and discounts to offer bettors. Many bookies have set up higher hopes the event will bring bigger cash-in and profits as compared to EURO 2016.

EURO 2016: A massive profit for bookmakers.

2020 was considered a challenging year for bookies considering the Covid-19 have worsened the gambling scenario and significantly reduced the revenue for the operators.

Between the closing of betting shops, canceling of the majority of sporting events, and sports leagues being forced to shut down because of Covid-19, sports betting competitions were way next to impossible.

Now with the launch of EURO 2020, bookmakers across Europe are hopeful that they will be able to make some profit and attract many punters to their gambling platform.

If the EURO 2020 turns up as successful as EURO 2016, some bookmakers might be able to recover their loss due to the pandemic and make a record-breaking profit.

EURO 2016 brought a record-breaking profit for Unibet with a 57% increase in revenue up to £126.6 million. Some other companies that took a huge profit from EURO 2016 are Ladbrokes, William Hill, and Paddy Power Betfair.

Great opportunity for UK Bookies

Since England is the joint favorite to win, which is always an excellent term for betting in the UK, bookies are excited that they could attract many British punters excited to bet in EURO 2020. Currently, England and France have the highest odds of 5-1 to win.

British football fans are excited and praying that England will live up to their expectations and win the prestigious European Football Championship and move forward with their fourth-place finish in the 2018 World Cup.

Suppose the Covid-12 precautionary restriction is eased off, and fans can watch the game in the stadium and cheer up their favorite team. In that case, this support will prove invaluable, which is also likely to accelerate the betting, hence an added advantage for bookies.

Considering the world is still recovering from the traumatic experience of Covid-19 and lockdowns and not to forget the pandemic isn’t over yet, there are minimal chances of social gathering.

EURO 2020 is still a good opportunity to make a big profit because it will be an event launch after a long wait; even gamblers will be excited to place their bet on their favorite team.

Since the odds prediction favors England, this is an added advantage for bookies to attract British punters by providing exciting bonuses and rewards.

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