Funny Punishments For Losing Games: A Complete List

Funny Punishments For Losing Games

Have you ever got the experience of losing games and getting funny punishment? If yes, this article will refresh those memories once again. Funny punishments after losing games are exciting and memorable for you always. When some players win the games, they show no mercy on you. Hence, you will have to bear the punishment after losing games. There can be any type of funny punishment after losing games. There is no specific limit for such funny punishments. The winners can ask you to drink two to three glasses of water. Moreover, they can ask you to consume a lot of chilies without drinking water. Isn’t it scary? Yes, it is. But as a loser, you will have to face such punishments. So let us get started.

The Funny And Hilarious Punishments For Losing Games

The following are some funny, hilarious, embarrassing, and awkward punishments after losing games:

Crying Punishment

Some people can cry for the whole day. It is easy for them. The winners ask the losers to cry all day like a baby. The losers have to make their tears roll down their eyes. Hence, it is not an easy task for them at all since they have no major reason behind their tears. Additionally, this punishment can be more funny and interesting at the same time. The winners can ask the losers to record their video and upload it on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Indeed, it is an embarrassing punishment for the losers.

Sometimes, the losers have to cry while crossing the road. The winners can ask the losers to cry while sitting outside any house. Besides, they can paint the loser’s face like jokers to make this punishment creative. They can ask the losers to wear diapers and cry for some hours like a baby. The other way is to write a funny note and tag it on the loser’s neck. Hence, there are multiple ways to make this punishment creative, interesting, and embarrassing.

Funny Punishments For Losing Games
Crying Punishment For Losing Games

Waxing Legs Punishment

Waxing your legs is always hurting. Isn’t it? Have you ever experience waxing your legs? If yes, you are well aware that waxing your legs hurts you a lot. The winners can ask the losers to wax their legs if the losers have enough hair on their legs. The winners set a camera in front of losers and record the whole video of waxing. The video consisting of losers’ shouting, reactions, and screams will make this punishment funnier. Besides, the winners can upload this video on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Hence, they will get funny reactions from social media users.

Funny Punishments For Losing Games
Waxing Legs Punishment For Losing Games

No-Make-up Punishment For Losing Games

This punishment is not for men since they do not wear make-up. Therefore, this punishment is specifically for the ladies. The punishment for the men can be something different. It is the bare truth in the world that most of the ladies do not step out of their houses without wearing huge make-up. So if you ask any lady to come out of her house without make-up, it would be embarrassing for her. Similarly, the winners ask the loser ladies to skip make-up for some days as a punishment. Indeed, it is not less than snatching candy from a kid.

Wearing The Punishment Shirt

People like to wear shirts with some amazing slogans and stickers on them. But if you ask someone to wear a shirt that has some hilarious comments, it would be funny. So the punishment shirts are the shirts having hilarious comments on them. The winners choose the funny comments and ask the losers to wear those punishment shorts for some days. So the winners have complete freedom in choosing the funny description for the losers. Moreover, parents can ask their kids to wear punishment shirts instead of beating them. Some parents ask their kids to wear punishment shirts in the schools.

Sandwich Board Punishment

Josh Lewis, Estevan Mercury’s sports editor will come to your mind when you think about the sandwich board punishment. During NHL 2013 playoff, Josh Lewis had a bet with his friend. Josh had to wear the sandwich board and walk in the town for the whole day. So this punishment is funny as well. Furthermore, the winner decides the description of the board. Usually, the winners decide on the funny description before the game starts.

The Walk of Shame Punishment For Losing Games

The winners ask losers to walk near-strangers in a crowded area with no shoes. Besides, the winners can impose the condition of wearing an awkward dress for the losers. Like, the winners can ask a man to dress up like a woman and walk in a crowded place barefooted. The losers may have to wear huge make-up or they will have to carry ladies’ bags in their hands. When the losers dress up like insane, other people can call the police considering you mad.

Furthermore, the winners can make this punishment funnier by adding some awkward options.  Like the losers may have to buy groceries from the store dressing up as a woman.

Eating The Spicy Noodles Punishment

The winners can ask the losers to eat spicy noodles when losers do not eat them. The winners can add as many spices as they want to the noodles for the losers. They add lots of chilies, spices, salt, and pepper to make the noodles extra hot and spicy. But the winners should ensure that the loser is not an ulcer patient to avoid any severe consequences.

Moreover, the winners can record the video and upload it on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. The losers will have to go to the toilet after eating such spicy noodles for sure.

Funny Haircut Punishment For Losing Games

The winners ask the losers to have a funny haircut as a punishment. The barbers can help the winners in this regard. Mostly, the barbers will charge no money for such funny haircuts. It is the funniest thing when the winners ask the losers to have a grandpa’s haircut. The winners take the losers to the salon and ask the barber to transform the losers’ hair like a bald old man. It is truly hilarious. Further, the losers will have to carry the same funny haircut for some days.

Besides, the parents can use this trick to punish their irritating children instead of beating them. But the winners should try to avoid giving this punishment to the losers if the losers are school-going students. The students cannot wear caps in schools or colleges. Also, it takes time to grow hair that’s why most people are not comfortable with this funny punishment.

Funny Punishments For Losing Games
Funny Haircut Punishment For Losing Games

Awkward Nail Painting Punishment

Some people like manicures and pedicures for maintaining their hygiene. Likewise, some people like to spend the whole day while changing their nail painting in the salon. This nail painting is sometimes awkward and funny. Sometimes, the winners ask the losers to have such awkward nail painting for a whole day. But if the winner is a nail technician then the loser will not have to spend money at the salon. In this way, the winner can paint the loser’s nail with any color paint as a punishment. Besides, the winners can paint each nail with a different color to make this punishment more exciting and funny.

Funny Punishments For Losing Games
Awkward Nail Painting Punishment For Losing Games

Multiple Tasks Punishment For Losing Games

The losers have to do multiple tasks assigned by the winners as a punishment.  There is a variety of chores including taking the trash, cleaning, washing, and grocery shopping, cutting the grass, massaging the winner’s toes, or cooking. This punishment is fine for roommates, couples, siblings, or friends. If the winner is a man or woman, it does not matter for couples. The losers will get no support and they will have to perform the punishment tasks for the decided time. The time for the punishment can be weeks or months.

The funniest thing in this punishment is that when the losers try to sleep after working as a wood dog for the whole day. Further, the winners can ask the losers to clean and wash the neighbor’s dishes, clean their garage, and give company to the elderly person. This punishment becomes more intense when a loser is a man.

Wrapping It Up The Funny Punishments For Losing Games

If you play games many times, you should know all the funny punishments after losing games. Besides, you should know all the friendly bets. We have mentioned all the funny punishments after losing games in this article. The winners have multiple options to punish the losers. Moreover, the winners can make the punishments funnier, interesting, and even embarrassing. So if you lose a game, get ready to face a funny punishment. Keep playing games and have fun!

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