Withdrawal of Yokohama’s Bid: Due To Local Concerns

Withdrawal of Yokohama’s Bid

The newly appointed mayor of Yokohama announced that the city will withdraw all of the bids to host a casino resort. Indeed, the withdrawal of Yokohama’s Bid is big news for the entire country. The reason he shared that was done because of the local concerns regarding increased gambling addiction in the city. Besides, there was a deterioration of public safety. On the contrary, some casinos are expanding in the world. But stopping the casino process will affect the entire city.

Stopping The Ongoing Process Through Withdrawal of Yokohama’s Bid

Takeharu Yamanaka said in his first speech at the local assembly that the city government will stop the ongoing process of bidding including hotels, casinos, and shopping facilities. Takeharu Yamanaka won the election on the anti-casino campaign having the support of the opposition parties last month.

Withdrawal of Yokohama’s Bid
Withdrawal of Yokohama’s Bid

The Casino Project of Japan

The casino project of Japan is at a standstill point because of the withdrawal of the funds by the foreign operators and investors due to the coronavirus pandemic. Further, the head of Yokohama announced it. Yokohama is the second-most populous city of Japan after Tokyo.

The Locations For The Resorts By The Government

The government of Japan has decided to choose three locations for the integrated resorts. They will do so under the legislation, It has got clearance from the parliament in 2018 that casino gambling in Japan is legal. In addition, the government will pick up these three locations from October to April in the next year.

Mayor Announced The Withdrawal of Yokohama’s Bid

The old mayor of Japan said that we will withdraw the bids due to the response of the citizens opposing the integrated resort project. The former Mayor of Yokohama, Fumiko Hayashi said that we will open a casino resort in the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture. He further said that they will open it in August 2019. But she did not succeed to win the further four-year term in the August 22 elections for the mayor.

Withdrawal of Yokohama’s Bid
Withdrawal of Yokohama’s Bid

The Details of Elections

Yamanaka defeated the candidate who got support from the Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga in the mayoral race. The former who got selected from a Yokohama constituency to the House of Representatives declared to resign at the end of September. He decided to do so because of the criticism by the government for handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, Suga tried to promote the casino project of the country when he was a chief cabinet secretary. At that time, he was under the predecessor, Shinzo Abe.

Teaming Up For Bidding The Project

Till now, Wakayama Prefecture, the city of Osaka, Nagasaki Prefecture, and Osaka Prefecture has announced that they will make a bid for the project. In addition, they will team up with the investors and investors from Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Summing Up Withdrawal of Yokohama’s Bid

Yokohama has decided the withdrawal of Yokohama’s bid for hosting the casino resort owing to local concerns and public safety. The newly appointed mayor of Yokohama having the age of 48 years declared this news. He announced this news in the assembly on September 10, 2021.

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