Gol Cash Haiti – Complete Casino Review 2024

Goal cash Haiti casino

Goal cash casino known as one of the best online casino platforms in Haiti was launched in 2014. The site mainly provides players with a wide range of sports gambling options. It offers sports betting, virtual sports, and e-sports gaming options to players. Here is a review of Goal cash haiti casino that will give you an in-depth look at all the services available that you can enjoy.

Goal Cash casino – unlimited bonuses and offers

The main focus of the casinos is to attract players, and for that reason, Goal cash haiti casino has more than 15 promotional offers. Apart from this, players love the variety of gambling options they get on the website. From the live matches to the e-sports section, everything is perfectly covered at this site. Below mentioned are all the bonuses from which you can win a massive amount of money.

Gold Cash casino bonus

Bonuses and rewards at Golcash casino

Every offer has its own terms and conditions and different eligibility criteria. Some offers are solely for the new players. Read through the descriptions and avail all the offers that you are eligible for.

Profit booster

Whenever you make a deposit, the profit booster will be activated automatically. The chart below shows how much you will get after depositing a specific amount of money.

Deposit amount Profit booster Maximum bet amount
100 to 500 20% 200 HTG
501 to 1000 15% 500 HTG
1001 – 5000 10% 2000 HTG
5001 – 10,000 8% 4000 HTG
10,001 5% 8,000 HTG

The offer is currently live, which means that you can avail it daily. In one day, you can avail only one offer. Every bonus percentage has a different wagering requirement. Free bets will not be counted for bonus wagering requirements.

1st Deposit reward every day

To be eligible for this offer, players have to make a minimum deposit of 500 HTG. Every day players have the chance to win the deposit reward. The minimum amount a player can win is 25 HTG, and the maximum amount is 1000 HTG. Players can only avail this offer if they have not made a withdrawal within the last two days.

30 lucky winners

In this offer, the players get points simply by placing single, multiple, or system bets on any match of FIBA basketball, volleyball, tennis, or table tennis. Players get points when they win the bets, and on the basis of those points, the first 30 lucky winners are decided. See the prize amount mentioned in the chart below

Rank Prize amount
30 2.900
29 3.000
28 3.100
27 3.300
26 3.500
25 3.600
24 3.700
23 3.800
22 4.000
21 4.200
20 4.400
19 4.600
18 4.800
17 5.000
16 5.200
15 5.400
14 5.500
13 6.000
12 6.500
11 7.000
10 7.500
9 8.000
8 8.500
7 9.000
6 9.500
5 10.000
4 11.000
3 12.000
2 15.000
1 20.000

Football tournament

In this Football Tournament, the players earn points by simply placing single, multiple or system bets. Whenever you win a game, you will gain points. In case you have two winnings on one day, then only the offer which has the high stake will be counted for the points. You can find the top 5 prize amounts of this offer in the table below. In total, there are 30 prize offers; players who get the position from 5 to 30 win amount ranges from 18,000 to 1,300.

Place Prize amount HTG
1 30.000
2 25.000
3 22.000
4 20.000
5 19.000

All selections loss becomes a victory

This offer is for the players who lose the bets. The purpose is to boost their morale and give them something better so that they can make further bets in the future. Any player whose bet is lost by all the selections he made, then he or she will be awarded with one free bet up to 100% of the amount that they stake in the previous game. Enjoy another chance of winning double the amount that you lost in the previous game.

Increase the victory accumulator free bet up to 100%

Players who win multiple bets consecutively receives a specific percentage of the net win amount. The minimum stake of those games has to be 250 HTG. If you have 10+ winnings, you will receive 100%, and 4 bets that are minimum will give a 25% winning amount to the player.

Free bet on multiples (with 1 selection)

Goal cash Haiti offers the players with a free bet on multiples. Players get a reward of 100% stake amount for free in case they lose multiple selected bets with only one selection. The minimum stake amount for this offer has to be 250 HTG.

Free bet on multiples (with 2 selections)

Players who lose their multiple bets with only 2 selections get 100% of the stake amount based on the total number of events that they took part in. With 5 events, the cashback percentage is 10%. The number of events that are 13+ gives 100% of the cashback to the player.

Boosted odds

A lot of games offered by goal cash haiti have boosted odds. Players have to find the boosted odds in the popular matches, and placing bets on those odds provides them with a high profit rate. There is no limitation present in boosting the odds.

Cashout with 0% commission

Cashout is the most beneficial thing that a player looks for at every casino website. In sports, everything is unpredictable; climate change, a player being injured or replaced, etc. In case you have already placed a pre-match bet, and now you think that you will surely lose, then opt for the cashout process. You can cancel the previously placed bets and get your amount back without any commission.

This offer is only for the bets that are placed before the match starts. Once the game starts, then the cashout process cannot be availed.

Weekly cashback on sports

This offer is valid throughout the week. Every week all the losses that you get, 10% of those losses will be sent to you as a cashback every Monday. The total loss amount of the week has to be 500 HTG to be eligible for the cashback offer. The maximum that you spend in that week is 5000 HTG.

5% weekly cashback on live casino

At Goal Cash haiti, a lot of players also play on the live casino. The live casino offers 5% cashback on the losses that you get. The minimum cashback that you will receive is 14 HTG every week.

30% bonus on blast every week

Playing the Blast game at the casino every Tuesday gives players a 30% weekly bonus. The bets that are placed with real money are counted. The minimum bonus amount every week is 100 HTG, and the maximum that a player can get is 5000 HTG. The offer is only for the Blast Bonus game.

Multiple of the day

The multiple of the day provides an additional cash bonus of a specific percentage. To be eligible for the offer, place a multiple-of-the-day bet. All these bets can be placed before the match. Enter the stake amount and win the reward.

Up to 12% cash back at casino slots every day

The offer includes 12% of the cashback every day. Goal cash haiti casino calculates daily the total loss that a player gets in a day. On all those losses, the player gets 12% of the cashback. The table below shows the loss amount as well as the cashback percentage that the player receives on that amount.

Total loss in a day Cashback
40.001 HTG 12%
30.0001 – 40.000 HTG 10%
20.001 – 30.000 HTG 9%
10.001 – 20.000 HTG 8%
200 – 10.000 HTG 7%

To harmony tournaments

The prize pool at Goal Cash Haiti is of €300000 + €100000. This prize is divided into all the eligible games. Every day, each game comes up with a new prize pool, and the winner of that game on that day receives the amount. By the end of the tournament, the huge prize pool of €400000 will be divided among all the winners. The offer can only be availed by playing the following games:

  • PopOK Gaming Slots
  • PopOK Gaming Live Casino
  • CreedRoomz Live Casino
  • Pascal Gaming Bet on Games, Arcade, Virtual Casino

Goal Cash Haiti

To harmony €2,500,000 + €700,000

This is a similar promotional offer as the Harmony Tournament. The offer will expire by the end of September. The overall prize amount of 3200000 is divided into all the eligible games and further into all the days that the offer will be live for.

Goal Cash Haiti game range

The game range of the casino is mostly focused on sports betting, virtual games, and e-sports. There are 8 sections of games available on the website. All these games are explained as follows in detail.

Live games

In the category of live games, you can find all the available live options. All the sports games and virtual sports that are ongoing at the moment can be found on this website. Scroll down on the live casino page, and you can see the icons of all the popular games. Simply click on any game icon to see all the matches of that sport that are live across the world.


The sports section includes all the details that are required by a player to place their bets. You can find the live matches as well as the pre-match options available. On the left-hand side, there is a list of all the countries whose games are available for gambling. Further, there is a list that includes all the tournaments as well as the popular world leagues. The end of the list comprises all the sports and the total number of matches available for betting.


In the casino gaming option, players can find Roulette, Bingo, Megaways, top slots, and a variety of other options. The common games include Hi-Lo, Diamond Quest, Era of Dragons, Lucky Jungle, Disco 777, etc.

Live casino

All the live casino games include live dealers from different parts of the world. There are private tables set for special events. Further, you can also select the dealers on the basis of their nationality. A lot of dealers from Turkey, Spain, and Arabic countries are present.

Live casino games


All tournaments have a specific starting time. You can find the upcoming tournaments on the casino page. All players directly enter the game of the tournament after placing a bet on the eligible games. Before selecting the game, you can check out the prize pool and the tournament rules.


There is a separate category of “Games.” In this section, all the games available are from well-known game developers. A special feature of these games is that players can play them for free. Before placing any bets on the game, players can try their luck without staking any money. Get used to the layout, design, and rules of the games before you place bets with real money.

Two harmony

This entire section includes information about the two Harmony offers that Goal cash haiti casino offers. Find all the promotional offers, their starting and ending dates, along with the time duration. You can find the total prize pool of that particular tournament. All of these games have a 4% win-back offer available for a long time.


The e-sports section is similar to the sports section. The table and the list present on this page include all the ongoing and upcoming matches. Without logging in to the website, players can see the betting odds of all the matches.

How to register at Goal Cash Haiti casino

To register on the golcashhaiti casino website, users only have to add the details regarding username (email address) and password. Players can enter their banking details while creating an account or before placing the bets.

To log in at the casino website, players only have to enter their email addresses and the password that they generated. The registration and log-in process takes only a few seconds, and then you are all good to enjoy.

How to register

How to deposit at Goal Cash Haiti

The deposit and withdrawal process at the casino is easy and quick. As the casino website targets people in Haiti, it presents a deposit method that is easily accessible to all the people of this country. There are multiple methods, but the easiest one is with Moncash.

Simply dial *202*32*794*amount*12345*Pin Moncash#. While registering on the account, you can add in your details of Moncash account to get it connected with the casino. The amount that you enter will be deposited within a few minutes. The Moncash deposits can only be made with the number which is registered with the Goal cash casino.

The deposit option is available from Monday to Monday, from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Any deposit made between 11 pm and 7 am will be delayed until the next day.

How to withdraw at Goal Cash Haiti

To withdraw the amount, follow the steps mentioned below

  • Open the official website of the casino.
  • Click on “Balance Management.”
  • Select “Withdrawal” from the available options.
  • Enter the amount that you need to withdraw
  • Enter the registered phone number.

A player can only make one withdrawal in a day. The withdrawals take some time to be processed, as the administration first approves and confirms the transactions.

Responsible gaming

The responsible gaming option ensures that the players only play at the casino for entertainment. They should not get addicted to gambling or casino games. To provide a fair, secure, and reliable gaming platform, the casino kept its focus on three main fundamentals:

  • Security of the player
  • Protection against problem gambling
  • Security of the game

Players can opt for the self-control option if they think that they are spending too much time on the game. Minors are not allowed to play at the casino. People who are under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the Goal cash Haiti application or place any bets.

If you are eligible for playing and your device also has access to children, then make sure that your login credentials remain safe with you. See the self-exclusion, reality check, and other options in detail.


Players can self-exclude themselves from the gameplay from six months of time to 5 years, depending on their personal choice. Once the account is self-excluded for the given period of time, then you cannot open it till the expiry date.

Also, you cannot open a new account on the basis of the same personal details that you mentioned in the previous account. Players do not receive any kind of promotional email or offer messages till the time they have chosen to be self-excluded.

Reality check option

The reality check option is for all the players to give them a message and stop them from getting engrossed too much in the game. Players can select the time of the message to specific time frames, including 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours. While playing the game, after every 10 minutes or whatever time you select, you will get a reality check message.

Closing the account

If you don’t want to put restrictions on the account and seek a break from gambling, then simply contact customer service and close your account. Once the account is closed, you can re-open it whenever you want to entertain yourself with gambling.

All News option at Goal Cash Haiti?

The All News option on the casino website includes all the latest news about sports. Users can see all the latest interviews, game performances, and hot topics about sports players. For example, you can read what Napoli’s director reveals about Cristiano Ronaldo. The news section will help you make accurate decisions in placing your bets on winning teams and players in form.

Goal Cash Haiti casino – ending points

GolcashHaiti offers everything that a casino player seeks. From a wide range of gaming options and multiple offers, players always have options to enjoy. Registration at the casino only takes a few minutes, and the payment methods are very quick.

The casino ensures that players do not end up getting addicted to gambling; therefore, they offer self-exclusion options. If you are a casino player who has an interest in sports betting, then you need to give this platform a chance.

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