Grand Falls Casino Is Going To Be Remodeled Soon

Grand Falls Casino

There is good news for the visitors of the Grand Falls Casino in the Northwest Iowa town of Larchwood. The good news is that the remodeling of this casino will start soon. The State Regulators have recently approved its remodeling plan for refreshing this casino. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the performance of the casinos has been improved. For instance, Las Vegas casinos have celebrated their great performance after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the General Manager of the Grand Falls Casino, Sharon Hasselhoff, says that they will update the gaming floor of the casino in the first phase. The whole remodeling plan will cost $7 million.

Remodeling of The Grand Falls Casino Will Start Soon

Moreover, the up-gradation of the gaming floor will cost $2 million. Hasselhoff expresses that they will update everything at the Grand Falls Casino. This remodeling includes chairs, signage, slot bases, and carpets. Furthermore, she says that they will also make a special up-gradation. It is related to providing extra space for VIP officers. This refreshment includes extra walls on the floor of the Grand Falls Casino.

Grand Falls Casino
Grand Falls Casino in Iowa

But the visitors do not need to worry. The casino will remain open during the phase of remodeling. Because according to Hasselhoff, they will complete the construction work first. They have specified the time when a few visitors visit the casino. In addition, they will not do the construction work on busy days. Normally, the busy days are the weekend days from Friday to Sunday. Since the construction will start in parts, the visitors can have a huge space at the casino. We will make sure enough gaming space for the visitors while doing carpets.

What Are The Remodeling Details?

Hasselhoff further says that the remodeling period will start in September. Moreover, we expect to complete it within four months. We will try to make sure of the availability of all the materials for remodeling. Hence, we may complete it before the stipulated time. Once we complete this remodeling plan, we will start some other plans for the casino refreshment.

Grand Falls Casino
Remodeling of Grand Falls Casino

Hasselhoff expresses that we have made extra 66 hotel rooms in the Casino Resort. Further, we have added some extra recreational vehicle (RV) spaces. It was a great experience for us. Moreover, she says that all the RV spaces have been filled up throughout the week. The reason was frequent visits of the visitors. In addition, the hotel rooms are full on the weekends. The utilization rate has increased from the previous year. For the time being, the remodeling plan has been approved by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. Finally, the administration will take the second approval from Commission at the completion of the first phase. The first phase will take almost four months to complete.

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