How Many Crown Gems Per Crate Are There?

How Many Crown Gems Per Crate

Are you a game lover and found a new online game for yourself? ESO has earned a bunch of popularity among gaming enthusiasts with its upcoming seasons. One of the most common questions asked by ESO players is “how many crown gems per crate are there?”. In this guide, we’ll help you to sort out the mystery. We have gathered all possible information for you to make your playtime pleasure. Let us dig right into it!

Where to play Elder Scrolls Online Game?

You can play Elder Scrolls Online on any gaming console, including PlayStation and XBOX. The minimum requirement to play Elder Scrolls Online is a PC. You can download and install the game on your PC or the gaming device and enjoy it there. The game is available on the official page of Elder Scrolls Online. You just have to make your account and you’re good to go.

Is Elder Scrolls Online Free?

Elder Scrolls Online is not a free online game. You have to buy a membership in order to play the game. They offer different membership packages, including monthly packages and annual. You can choose according to your budget and requirement. However, a trial is available on their page for free. If you are new or have yet to buy a membership of Elder Scrolls, you can choose the option to play free for the first time only. After that, you’ll certainly have to buy a membership.

What are Crown Gems in Elder Scrolls Online?

Crown is the currency used in Elder Scrolls to buy things while crown gems are the upgraded premium currency. You can purchase crowns directly, however, this is not possible for crown gems. You can only get Crown gems by opening crown crates. Now you might be confused about how many crown gems you get per crate. Your confusion will be clarified in the next heading.

How Many Crown Gems Per Crate in Elder Scrolls Online?

How Many Crown Gems Per Crate
Crown crates

Crown gems are difficult to achieve but they are valuable. When you purchase a crate, it has a lot of items to offer. And from there you can get crown gems too but not directly. When you open a crate, the items are matched with those that you already have. If any of them gets matched, then this item is converted into a crown gem. No same items are revised in your backpack.

The number of gems depends on these criteria. The more the items get matched, the more crown gems you get. For example, if you get a potion in the crown crate that you already have, it will be converted to a crown gem. Also, you can eliminate the unwanted items and get crown gems instead.

One returned item can create five crown gems. Similarly, two items that get matched to the item you already own can create ten crown gems. Three items will generate fifteen crown gems and so on.

How to Buy Crown Crates?

How Many Crown Gems Per Crate
Special Crate

You can buy crown crates from the Crown store. Open the store menu and you’ll get a list of options on the left side. Choose Crown crates from that list. You can select the item by double-clicking on it.

If you want to get crown crates for free, you can get them by one method. Whenever you level up a character, you get a crown crate for free as a reward. You can open this crown crate and get items or collect crown gems through this free method.

Is it Worth It to Buy Crown Crates?

Crown crates contain consumable items, costumes, and a character. Many players find these items useless as they can create potions or food with their skills and tactics. And as you are paying real money for it, you may find it useless somehow. However, the fact that you get crown gems through the crown crates is wholly not worthless.

Gambling in ESO

How Many Crown Gems Per Crate
Opening Crate

Honestly, gambling isn’t quite difficult. To gamble in ESO there is a specific game RGB, also known as red-green-blue, developed by its player. By choosing one color, the player can do gambling. Three players can choose three colors (red, green, or blue) at a time. A particular machine is designed, which decides the color by recommending color and we get a winner. This is quite easy to go.

Tips to Get Pro and Earn More Crown Gems in ESO

How Many Crown Gems Per Crate
Crown gem card

If you have just started playing Elder Scrolls Online, you might find it difficult in many aspects. Since by now you must know how many crown gems per crate are, let us learn some cool tricks to become a pro. Here are some tips that will make you a pro quicker than ever.

Have a Good Hand on Controls

A rule that applies to any online game you play. The first thing you do whenever you play a new game is to have your grip on the controls. The more you have grip, the more you’ll get a pro. While playing a video game that is similar to Elders Scrolls, you don’t have sufficient time to focus on the controls. You have to play the game actively while watching the screen all the time. So having a good hand on the controls might help you in becoming a pro fast.

Pick an Easy-to-Use Weapon in Start

Again, make it easy for you in the start. Once you get your grip on easy things, move on to the next level. Choose a weapon skill that is easy to understand and has lesser complications. For example, start from bows and then move towards swords. Focus on one weapon skill at a time.

Travel For Free

Traveling is quite expensive for new players. And many new players waste a lot of money on fast travel. However, a very simple and cost-effective way to travel is traveling through Wayshrines. If you are in a hurry and find yourself at a huge distance from your target, find the nearest Wayshrine. You can easily check on the map to find it. Go to this location and travel for free.

Collect Rewards Regularly

New players are not familiar with this, but you get rewards on daily logins. The rewards include XP scrolls and XP potions. Most players do not collect these rewards. However, you can use these potions and scrolls to boost your experience. Also, you can get gifts from friends and collect XP potions. Knowing how many crown gems per crate is cool but you need to get crown crates first. Hence, learn how to get crown crates for free by collecting rewards.

Food and Drink Buffs Are Important

Many players find food and drink buffs useless. They exchange it for the crown gems but these are mainly the potions that keep you active throughout the game. They increase your overall health and stamina. If you are a new player and have limited food, don’t forget to consume drink buffs. They will boost your energy level and stamina to defeat as many enemies as you can.

Summing It Up

Players mostly find it difficult to play the game at the start. Do not get worried or question your skills if you feel the same. You may find it hard at first but eventually, get a victory. Upgrade your skills and work on them one by one. Collect daily rewards to boost your experience and get a level up.

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