How To Get Crown Crates For Free In ESO: New Ways

How To Get Crown Crates For Free In ESO

If you want to know how to get crown crates for free in ESO? This article is for you. The ESO Plus Bonus Event has returned. During the event, everyone can enjoy various benefits of an ESO Plus membership for free. Besides, the ESO Plus members can earn up to six free Crown Crates.

The ESO Plus Bonus Event will give you many benefits. ESO Plus members can earn up to six free crown crates by just logging into the game. So if you are not a member already, you can join this team to enjoy multiple benefits of ESO Plus for free. In addition, there are some casino games that you can enjoy with your friends. Besides, you can win the lottery tickets using the secrets.

How To Get Crown Crates For Free In ESO
Free Crown Crates Items In ESO

You Can Earn Free Crown Crates

They are giving out up to six free Flame Astronach Crown Crates during the event period to show their appreciation to the existing ESO Plus members. Moreover, the Flame Astronach Crown Crates contain a red-hot selection of usable consumables and rare collectables that you cannot find anywhere else in Tamriel. Besides, in these Crown Crates, you can find eye-catching mounts like the top-tier experience scrolls, Flame Astronach Horse, and even unique skins and costumes.

How To Participate In The Event?

To participate in the ESO Plus Bonus Event, you can simply log into the game with an active paid ESO Plus membership.  Moreover, you must completely log out and back into the game; logging out to the character select screen will not work. After the event, you will receive one crate for each day you have logged in up to a maximum of six.

ESO Plus For All The Players

If you have not experienced ESO plus yet, you can check out everything it has to offer you for free. But it offers you a limited time within the trial. Furthermore, you will find that ESO Plus membership has all the benefits such as:

Full access to DLC game packs

You can have full access to new zones, dungeons, quests, and many more, including Thieves’ Guild, Imperial City, Shadows of the Hist, Dark Brotherhood, Horns of the Reach, Orsinum, and Clockwork City DLC game perks.

  • Double Bank space for all the characters on your particular account.
  • A Craft Bag that offers you unlimited storage of all the crafting materials.
  • 10% increase to Gold acquisition and Experience, Trait Research rates, and Crafting Inspiration.
  • Collectable space and Double Furnishings in the player housing.
  • A monthly stipend of 1500 Crown Crates is available to the paid members only.
  • Double Transmute Crystal storage.
  • Exclusive ability to dye costumes.

How To Get ESO Plus Trial?

You can get the ESO trial and enjoy the benefits by following this procedure:

  • Log into the Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Then navigate to the Crown State.
  • View the Featured category.
  • Find and select the ESO Plus free trial.
  • It is that easy to enjoy ESO Plus benefits for the players.

    How To Get Crown Crates For Free In ESO
    How To Get Crown Crates

How To Get Crown Crates For Free In ESO Through Endeavours?

The new Endeavours system is a free addition to the ESO base game. All the players can utilize this feature. Moreover, you can complete new daily and weekly tasks with this new system. Besides, it grants you various rewards such as Experience and Gold. Also, it grants you a new currency that refers to Deals of Endeavor.

How Endeavours Works?

When you log in, you will receive multiple daily and weekly Endeavours automatically. They will ask you to complete various tasks. In addition, these tasks vary across the various gameplay styles and in-game activities. Endeavours may ask you to do the following tasks:

  • Sell items to vendors.
  • Complete quests.
  • Steal or pickpocket items.
  • Craft various types of items.
  • Defeat enemies by using Weapons or Class abilities
  • Harvest resource nodes.
  • Defeat various types of monsters.

These are some of the activities you may have to do as per the instructions of Endeavours. Often, you will find some things that you have already done during your regular ESO adventures.

The Number Of Daily Or Weekly Endeavours

The number of daily or weekly Endeavours that you can complete every day or week will vary. Hence, you need to be sure to check that what the cap presently is and work out which of the Endeavours you would like to take on, most probably. This is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their gameplay styles, has an equal opportunity to earn the new currency without having completed the activities they do not necessarily enjoy.

Furthermore, once you have reached the daily or weekly cap for the completed Endeavours, the remaining ones are deactivated. So when the day is over, the daily Endeavours reset, and new ones will become available. Also, when the week is over, the weekly Endeavours will do the same action.

Where Can You See Your Tasks?

You may see your tasks in the new Endeavours menu. You may find it within the Activity Finder. So you do not need to do anything to begin an Endeavor. Once you have completed one, you receive your rewards and a notification. So there is no need to claim them manually.

Seals Of Endeavours

Endeavours reward a brand-new currency that refers to Seas of Endeavours. Besides, the amount varies on the day and challenge level of the Endeavours themselves. With the new Seals currency, you can get any of the presently available Crown Crates items. This includes any of the crate’s consumables cosmetics, pets, and extremely rare Radiant Apex mounts.

In addition, for the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can get these highly sought-after items through gameplay along with finding them within crates. Any Crown Crate items you get with Seals cannot be converted into Crown Gems.

The Seal Value For Various Crown Crate Items

The Seal value for individual Crown Crate items differs. It depends on what you want to acquire. So you may need to save up if you wish to get an especially rare item. Besides, you can collect and save Seals for as long as you want. Also, if nothing takes your fancy now, there is no cap to how many Seals you can save for later. For instance, gems or crowns, Seals of Endeavours are an account-based currency. Also, it is not specific to any character.

You can access the Seals tab from the Crown Sore menu to see the Crown Crate items and pick them up with Seals. Besides, you can see a full list of all the available items along with their costs. In addition, no matter what your playstyle, experience, or edition, everybody can complete Endeavours and earn Seals.

How To Get Crown Crates For Free In ESO
Get Crown Crates For Free In ESO

Summing Up How To Get Crown Crates For Free In ESO

You can buy Crown Crates from an in-game store that refers to Crown Store. One Crown Crate will cost you almost 400 crowns. Moreover, there is an option to purchase multiple crates at a lower price. Further, you can get Crown Crates in ESO through Endeavours. It is a new system in which you have to complete the daily and weekly tasks. Besides, Endeavours offer you a new currency that refers to Seals of Endeavours. You can access them from Crown Store. So enjoy your favourite game, ESO and have fun.

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