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Gamblers of Kenya seek a variety of games. They love to explore new games and try on their luck in every gaming category. Palms Bet is working on fulfilling this need of the players. The casino here provides the option of playing games for free. Beginners love to try on these games and practice for a while before shifting towards making real money bets. If you want to see what the hype is all about, here is a review of the casino.

Palms Bet – Kenya’s leading casino

Palms Bet offers the user-friendly layout of the website to all the users along with the mobile application. Most of the players are becoming loyal to the site because of the bonus and gaming variety they have to experience. Buckle up and have a look at all the factors that the casino has to offer.

Promotions and bonus offers

Promotions are the very first thing that a player hunts for. Sometimes gamblers even use VPNs just to play on the international sites that are banned in their country to enjoy the bonus. Kenya players do not have to worry much about it, as Palms Bet has a wide variety. Following are the current and ongoing offers at the Palms bet.

99 KES Every Day

The offer requires the players to make a minimum deposit of 25 KES daily to get the chance of winning 99 KES. Without the deposit, players are not eligible for any kind of bonus. While making the deposit, make sure that you have selected the option of this offer.

10 Free Spins Every Day

It is very rare to find casinos that offer free spins every day. Palms Bet offers 10 free spins to all players on a minimum deposit of 500 KES. Instead of making small deposits, make one 500KES deposit to get free spins. These spins need to be played within the next 24 hours; otherwise, they get expired.

Sport Jackpot

Palms Bet offers weekly jackpot offers. Jackpots are something where every player should take a chance. It only requires a small amount to be eligible to get a massive winning prize. Currently, the sports jackpot requires only 80 KES, and the winning amount is 2000000 KES. Players can bet on more than one odd to get a high chance of winning.

Slot Jackpot

Slot jackpot is very attractive for gamblers as it is present in a 3 level mystery. The first level is Gold, where the winning amount is 150006.30 KES. The second level is silver, with a prize of 2503.60 KES. Bronze is the last prize which is 905.76 KES.

This offer is only for the players that play the category of casino games. After every game ends, players get the chance to win these prizes. The higher the amount of the bet is, the higher chances will be of winning a high amount.

Omoka Jackpot

There is a special bonus screen offer that very few players get. The screen pops up out of nowhere when the player is on the website and scrolling past the categories. The more time player spends on the site; the higher chances will be of getting this surprise bonus screen.

The pop-up shows 30 gold medals, from which the player has to choose anyone. The game requires the player to choose 4 identical symbols to win the high amount.

Gaming Variety

Without logging in to the website, the player can easily see the variety of the games. The popular category that most players play at Palms Bet is sports betting. Here are some basic facts about what each category holds for gamblers.


The sports betting option shows all the ongoing and upcoming matches where the players can make bets. On the top, there are leagues that are very popular such as UEFA Champions League, England Premier League, and UEFA Europa League.

Apart from the leagues, there are 13 other gaming options, including football, cricket, and e-sports. The betting odds can only be seen without registering. One best feature is that you can see where the other gamblers are placing their money at. This will help you in knowing if you stand with the majority or minority.

Casino games

The jackpot games that are available at the Palms Bet are listed in terms of the likes of the players. Hovering the cursor on the gaming icon shows the rating of the game made by gamblers. Also, on top of the page, players can see the record of the ongoing winnings and the cash prize that other players are getting.

Live casino games

There are five top-quality live casino games at Palms Bet. There are only the popular games under this category so that the players can enjoy only the best in the market. The games include Baccarat, BlackJack, Casino Hold’em, Roulette, and Lucky 7. All these five games are developed by EZugi, a world-class casino game provider with a fair and safe platform.

Virtual Sports

There are fourteen games under the category of Virtual sports. The betting odds, predictions, and the other player’s bets can also be seen without logging in to the site. There is also a free play mode for beginners who want to first practice before getting in the actual game. Players can choose from Football, Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, etc.

Results of matches

The casino website is very popular in terms of its sports betting games. There is a section of results and live scores at the end of the home page. People who have a high interest in sports betting need this option to make future predictions. There are multiple filters that can be used to see the accurate and needed results.

Palms Bet Casino

Gamblers can choose the game they want to see the result of. Further, they can choose the date to see the results of the match that happened on that date. For example, before placing your bet, just see from this section the result of your team in the last game. People who keep track of previous records have a high chance of winning.

Betting types at Palms Bet

In all the sports betting games, there are five types of bets that the gambler can make. Learn about these bets so that you make the right choice.

Single Bet

Single bets include the overall outcome of the game. In every game, the player only makes bets on the team which they believe will win.


All these bets are the ones where the gambler predicts more than one independent event outcome. In these bets, in case the player loses one bet, then they also lose the accumulator bet.

System Bet

System bets are made on the specific size of accumulators, which are selected from some specific number of events. The common bets that can be made in system bets include the following.

  • The outcome of the event odd result
  • Acculumator outcome odd

Conditional Bet

The conditional bet includes all the simple bets such as single, system, and express. In these bets, the first part is always payable, and for the other bets, the money is used from the winning prize of the first bet. The player himself sets up the percentage so the winning amount that he further wants to stake. In case the gambler loses the first bet, then all the conditional bets are also lost automatically.

Anti-accumulator Bet

The anti-accumulator bet includes all the independent outcomes. Players win these bets when any one of their selected outcomes is lost.

3 Way Result

In the 3 way result, bets are accepted by the first team who wins and draw. The winning of the bet depends upon the right prediction of the match outcome.

How to register at Palms Bet

casino log in

The process of registration at the casino is very precise and quick. We have listed down the information below that is required for registration.

  • Valid phone number
  • Password
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Birth date
  • Confirming that the age is above 18

Payment methods

Palms Bet casino offers 8 modes of payment for all the players. Each transaction method has its own processing time and minimum deposit and withdrawal limitations. We have listed down all available modes of the transaction.

  • A1
  • CashTermial
  • EasyPay
  • bg
  • VISA Maestro
  • VISA MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Bank wire

The minimum deposit limit in all the above-mentioned methods is 10 BGN. Bank wire takes a minimum of 1 and a maximum of two business days for the complete transaction. Apart from bank wire, all the other options make instant payments.

Customer service with Palms Bet

Customer service of Palms bet is instant. They are available 24/7 to assist the players whenever they seek any help or query. The contact number of the casino is 00700 45 700, where the representatives are available all the time. In case you have something urgent, then calling is the best option.

There is also an option of live chat where you can ask for your queries and any information that confuses you. The last option is to email that is done at [email protected]. This option is perfect for contact when the problem is detailed. Add in all the screenshots and pictures that you can to report a problem or file any complaint.

Palms Bet Casino – summary of important facts

PalmsBet Casino totally keeps their casino customer restricted, where they ensure providing everything that gamblers seek. For the players of Kenya, they have presented multiple payment options and spots betting variety. With 24/7 customer service available, players do not have much to worry about. Players who do not have much interest in sports betting can also try their luck with other options, such as live casino games and virtual games. Massive bonuses and promotional offers further enhance the popularity of the casino.

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