Binion’s Hotel-Casino: Celebration of 70 Years

Binion's Hotel-Casino

Binion’s Hotel-Casino is one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. This oldest casino is now celebrating its 70th anniversary this Saturday, August 14, 2021. Moreover, this casino has a great reputation in Las Vegas. Many casinos have been expanded by their owners this year. Besides, many facilities are new for the guests. For instance, a third live US casino studio is launched to give a mind-blowing experience of live casinos to visitors.

The Details of Binion’s Hotel-Casino

Binion’s Hotel-Casino came into being on August 14, 1951. The owner’s name of this casino is Benny Binion. He bought this casino from Hotel Apache and Eldorado Club at the start of 1951. Moreover, this casino was the first casino in Las Vegas. It replaces sawdust-covered floors with carpets and air conditioners for the first time in downtown Las Vegas.

Furthermore, the Binion family operated the casino till 2004. After that, they sold this casino to TLC Casino Enterprises. This enterprise is the owner of Four Queens on Fremont Street.

Binion's Hotel-Casino
The Amazing Binion’s Hotel-Casino

The Facilities of Binion’s Hotel-Casino

The manager Tim Lager expressed that Binion’s has put lots of effort into maintaining the casino’s brand for many decades. Binion believes that if someone has good whiskey, good gambling, and good food, people will continue to visit the casino. He further said that you could not fake the quality of different thongs at casinos, and we believe the same. When you want to have a drink, we will give you the best quality drink. It is not costly, but it is a fair drink, and that is important.

Further, this same thing relates to gambling. We want that when the guests visit our casino, play the slot machine games and table games, they have good facilities and experience. We want that they may enjoy their stay at our casino for a long period.

Binion's Hotel-Casino
Facilities at Binion’s Hotel-Casino

The Remarkable History

Moreover, Lager said that he is overwhelmed with the amazing performance of the casino where many casinos have come for the competition. But this casino has marked its name in the minds of guests. You cannot buy history. So we have an outstanding history of our casino. Furthermore, we have the legends of gaming that have played here. Henceforth, we are glad and proud of that wonderful experience.

In short, the 70th-anniversary celebrations will be a great experience for all the visitors. So, be there to enjoy this wonderful experience and have fun.

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