New Table Mountain Casino Complex Opening near Fresno Foothills in California

Table Mountain Casino

The news of the new hotel complex including a casino building opening overjoys the citizens of Fresno. The Table Mountain Casino built-in 2004 is currently being rebuilt into a larger and bigger casino complex. A 110,000-square-foot complex with more than 600 new gaming machines and increased restaurant space is planned. It will also have a 1,500-seat special event center, a gift store, and a childcare center. Along with the casino’s already existing 5-story garage, 1,000 parking spots will be added. With the launch of the 3rd US Live Casino, the gaming companies are profiting a lot from the casino business.

A glass-fronted hotel tower of 14 floors and 150 guest rooms is part of the futuristic and expansive design. This is a first for the Table Mountain casino, which initially opened its doors in 1987. In comparison to the current 72,000 square foot casino-only venue, the new complex will have 600,000 square feet of total space. In 2018, officials predicted that the additional facilities would provide thousand more jobs, bringing the total number of people employed at Table Mountain to around 1,454.

The Original Table Mountain Casino

The Table Mountain Casino has long been a popular destination for gaming and slot machines, as well as hotels and a range of on-site eating options. In 2004, the Big Sandy Rancheria of Mono Indians of California teamed up with the Gaming giant Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas for the development of a $200 million casino. The pair had announced the contract for the casino on the tribal land 10 miles from Fresno was signed.  The Table Mountain Hotel complex was initially having 250 to 300 rooms, a restaurant, shops, and conference rooms. The casino building also had a 75000 square foot gaming complex with a minimum of 2000 slot machines. However, now with the development of the new casino, this building will be turned into administrative offices for governmental use.

Tribe Leaders Refuse to Announce the Opening Date

Even though the construction of the Table Mountain casino is almost complete, the Big Sandia Rancheria tribe is reticent about the opening date. However, according to the original agreement, the completion of the casino should be sometime around this year. When GV wire journalists asked about the current status of the project the leaders of the Rancheria tribe denied answering. The renovations should be done by November, according to Sonja Dosti, the county’s public information officer. As per Fresno State regulators, necessary roadwork and traffic signals near the new complex are yet to be completed

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