Law enforcement raids underground casino operation in Gardena

underground casino

Police raided an underground casino early Thursday morning in Gardena. After their weeks of intel gathering and investigation, it was a highly successful raid that has seized many unlawful activities going on in the underground casino.

In the aftermath of the raid, detained individuals sat on the curb with their hands cuffed behind their backs, with more than a dozen people being detained. This has caused a major wave of fear in the people of the community but the police assure that any unlawful activity of such extent or beyond this will not harm the citizens and they can carry on with their lives normally.

Residents in the 1700 block of West 134th Street say they moved into a red brick building about a month ago and there used to be a lot of noise that made the community unrestful and as well as increase the fear of unlawful activities going on there.

The building of the underground casino was flooded with people coming in and out all through the day and night since then and was one of the reasons kids of the community were not able to carry out their outdoor activities.

Eyewitness News spoke to a man who claimed to have been inside the building the night before the raid. Shamil Harvey of Las Vegas described the operation as similar to that of all the underground casinos, adding that people learn about it through word of mouth.

As SWAT officers moved into the neighborhood, neighbors reported hearing multiple explosions, likely flash-bang grenades. In addition to the raid’s details, police did not disclose whether any arrests were made. The investigation is ongoing but the eyewitnesses claim that the police vans were flocked with many people of different ethnicities.

The busting of this underground casino has been a sigh of relief for the community and they can now carry on with their daily activities like usual.

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