Louisiana Casinos Rises Into Powers As The State Recovers From Covid-19 And Weather Anguish

Louisiana Casinos

After a bad economic crash due to the pandemic and a month of adverse weather conditions, casinos in Louisiana saw an increment in the revenue from April.

All the 13 riverboat casinos, four racinos, and one land-based casino in New Orleans won $235.8 million in April altogether. April’s revenue figure is 4.8% higher than the revenue generated in March, which was 225.2 million. The figures are based on the report published by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board last week.

Revenue generated by the casinos in the New Orleans area was up by 7%, with $55.1 million.

Harrah’s New Orleans raked $25.1 million in April, a significant 11.7% increase from the March total, which was $22.4 million. Boomtown New Orleans earned $12.9 million, a 4.5% high from last month’s revenue of $12.4 million.

Treasure Chest Casino faced a downfall of 2.9% from $9.1 million in March to $8.8 million in April.

Baton Rouge Casino leads the race

There were mixed results in many other parts of the state. L’Auberge Baton Rouge showcased the highest percentage increase in April in Louisiana. The riverboat casino is south of the Louisiana State University campus. It rose from $15.1 million in March to $18 million in April, with a rate of 18.9 percent high.

However, the gaming revenue generated at the Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge decreased by 0.2% in April. There was a significant contraction of $13,412 from the revenue of March total of $6.6 million.

Lake Charles, a riverboat casino west of Baton Rouge saw an increase in April, including a 5.2% hike at L’Auberge Lake Charles. The resort raised revenue from $30 million in March to $31.6 million one month later.

Vinton La, the Delta Downs Racetrack Hotel underwent a deterioration of 2.9%, dropping from $17.2 million in March to $16.7 million in April.

The Winter Block

After the majority of casinos in the city have been operating in the Covid restriction, now is the time of glory that has come at the end of March when casinos are allowed to operate in full capacity.

The executive director of the Louisiana Casino Association, Wade Duty, claims that it might take some time to change the impact of Covid-19 and bad weather on the casinos. Some properties even need some time to take out the casino tables and slot machines from the storage and get them assembled by the technician.

The fatal hurricane season has followed by the end of February and has paralysed the majority of the country with its deep freeze.

Due to the severe winter conditions, some Louisiana casinos were kept closed for three days until the situation got better. Snowy roads and blocked bridges have kept the customers away from the casinos, even the employees of the casinos worked when the temperature was bearable.

The adverse weather conditions have caused the majority of casinos to be closed for a significant amount of time, and hence there was a gradual decrease in the gross revenue before February.

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