Romanian Lottery New Campaign: “Get Vaccinated And Win”

The Romanian Lottery has introduced an innovative campaign that motivates more people to get vaccinated for Covid-19.

The campaign, “Get Vaccinated and Win”, is purely for the public’s own benefit. The campaign allows a member of the public to show their proof of vaccination and get the chance to enter a free draw.

Between 14th June 2021 to 27 June 2021, the player who has purchased any lottery ticket for any game such as Loto 6/49, Joker, and Loto 5/40 can enter the draw.

Romanian lottery asks players to enter their personal information in a coupon and put them in special boxes. These boxes are available in the o offices of the Romanian Lottery.

Romania seems to have taken inspiration from the US states, which have recently launched a similar campaign to motivate people to get vaccinated.

In the US lotteries worth more than $1 million have been launched in several US states to persuade the general public to receive their Covid-19 vaccination. These campaign launches are held with the motivation to vaccinate the majority of the public before the new wave or the complications regarding the disease increases.

The Romanian alternatives have offered those who have participated in the national vaccination campaign the chance of getting LEI 10,000 ($2459.91) and prizes that are worth LEI 50,000.

The winners of the Romanian Lottery will be announced on 4th July 2021.

Sebastian Lacob Moga, General Manager at Romanian Lottery, “Vaccination is the only solution to hasten the end of this pandemic that has changed the lives of many Romanians and the chance to return to a normal life”

“I am confident, like many of our peers, that only if we are healthy can we enjoy life and we respond to the challenges that lie ahead.”

The Romanian Lottery, founded in 1906, is one of the most traditional organizations in Romania. The company launches various public interest activities in the iGaming industry. The company with the purpose of creating necessary funds to finance purposes of the public financial fund.


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